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Andrea’s Climbing Your Everest program can be adapted to a format that works for your group. Andrea will work with you to tailor the program to an After Dinner Speech, a One-Hour Speaking Event or the Full Multi-hour Workshop.

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What Our Customers Say


I hope that these types of events take place more often in the company, not only for the administrative area but for other employess. I believe they'll be effective to boost their motivation and compromise. 

- Gisselle Ovando


The speaker easily connects with people, you can feel the sincerity with wich she tells her experience and that motivates even more. 


- Alejandra López


She helps organizations or companies to discover the importance of working as a team, and thus accomplish any set goal. 


- J. Mateo


Outstanding talk that inspires to go on with purposes and remembering our capabilities and how we can keep developing them. 


- J. Orozco

Hotel Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Andrea's conferences have accomplished an important change on the mentality of our employees, because there is no bettter example than hers to demonstrate that when you're committed to a goal, obstacles can't stop you to reach the summit. Congratulatoins on being a woman that keeps surprising with her tenacity and compromise with excellence!


- Jesús González - Gerente General

PBS El Salvador

Andrea participated in a motivational speech for our annual kick off and it was spectacular! Her ability to match her experiences with business principles like Planning, Teamwork, Self-motivation, Positive attitude and Results, have met the objectives of our meeting. Not only did she motivated our staff, but also made them discover their own Everest! Thank you so much Andrea for sharing your passion with us!  

- Guillermo Rodríguez - Gerente General


A Guatemalan woman, an example for men and women alike, that has demonstrated that there is really no impedimient to accomplish set goals. She emphasized on having clarity on the goals we set for ourselves, a plan to achieve them, and being willing to make all the necessary efforts will then allow us to reach the summit. And that every goal we fulfill is not the end, but just a part of the process of a purpose diven life. 


- Bimbo Guatemala

Quality Hotel Real Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

Andrea's speaking engagements are an excellent living example, a great source of inspiration that demonstrates that we can overcome any obstacle presented and achieve our goals if we check our daily attitude towards adversity and act upon it. 

Las conferencias de Andrea son un excelente ejemplo de vida, una gran fuente de inspiración en que se evidencia que podemos sobrepasar cualquier obstáculo y lograr nuestros objetivos si revisamos nuestras actitudes diarias ante las adversidades y actuamos en consecuencia.
Fue un privilegio el poder vivir la experiencia de conocer en persona a un ser humano con semejantes cualidades de perseverancia y dedicación. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones.

- Odalis Guzmán - Gerente General


Participants of the event are at a loss for words to describe the positive impact of Andrea's involvement. Amongst others, we could highlight: "inspiring", "motivating", "daring", "valuable", etc. We'll surely have her in mind for future events. 

- José Antonio García

Waipahu High School, Hawaii

Thank you for contributing an inspiring presentation on preparing to become the first woman to climb to the summit of Everest from Central America. You not only managed to hold the attention but actively engaged and inspired about 500 students for an entire hour - not something many could do. You really expanded the horizons with your presentation, helped students learn not only how to "Dream Big", but also share clear and logical thinking about how to work to make a dream come true.

- Lori Murakami - English/VP Teacher

State Government Affairs

Andrea Cardona has become one of my favorite people! She gave an outstanding presentation at BNSF Corporate Headquarters earlier this year. Hearing her amazing story, and the strength and determination it took, has greatly challenged me to go after my own “Everest” like never before. I can’t wait for her to come back and share more of her adventures with us!

- Michelle Johnson - BNSF Railway


Thank you for investing in this speaking event, I think she is a great example of effort, and that motivates us to not give up. This talk came just in time in my particular case and for the invesment in improving the company. Thank you for letting me be a part of the team. 


- A. Cuevas


I loved how she led the talk, the material used, Andrea's sincerity... everything was great! 

- L. Arrecis


Sincere appreciation to Andrea Cardona for her success and the positive message she conveys to all Guatemalans!

- C. Choujo

Esso Guatemala

Very good talk. Andrea hooked me with the aid of her audio-visual material, plus she's a great speaker. She has quite an interesting life stoy and I could learn valuable lessons. I'd absolutely recommend this talk to my peers. 


- Luis Anzueto

Esso Guatemala

Very interesting, as usual, and motivational. Focused in fulfilling objectives, something that stood out was that she could easily change the subjet and the atmosphere to what we requested. It was pleasing to listed to new anecdotes. I love the communication skills and the keynote presentation gave the activity additional power. 

- Mario Smith

Esso Guatemala

The speaking engagement was excellent, the supporting material and videos were interesting and turned the experience to something interactive, making us actually feel her experience. The message was clear and the previous knowledge of the company's situation led her to transmit a crystal clear message. 

- Alex J Roldan

Ingenio Santa Ana

Andrea is an excellent speaker. She conveyed humility and security, an ingredient to accomplish what we aim for. It was also motivating to see and listen how despite the many difficulties on the way, if you set for a goal, you can achieve it. It was so meaningful! 


- Leonardo Menegazzo - Recursos Humanos Industrial


I love seeing that a woman has accomplished what many have only dreamed of. That came to show all the potential we have and what we're all capable of. Andrea is an extra special person and her story has inspired me and my daughter, showing us there really are no limitations. 

- Veronica Gatica


Andrea is surprising in all accounts. Multiple people from our speaking engagement not only left inspired but have asked us for her contact information for her to do future engagements with them. Andrea is a world class adventurer as much as she is a great person.

- Tyler Carner - Senior Vice President